Fun with Family

August 29, 2009


Last night we had a nice little break from the kids and hung out with Margaret, Cousins Lydia and Jason, Emily and baby Isaac, and my handsome husband.  Mexican food and frosty beverages were yummy but the night ended with a major migraine!  It's a sign of my age that two beers cripples me with a headache.  I woke up slightly ill still and wondering if all this physical turmoil could be a side effect of an allergy.  Who knows?  Bottom line, getting old sucks.

But I masked it all to take a few fine photographs for posterity:)



             Emily, Lydia, Margaret and Me

A few more shots of cousins and couples

                                                             Jason and Lydia so cute.

                                            I love my husband so much:) xoxo

And what blog entry would be complete without a few obligatory shots of adorable babies?

Who said girls are the only ones who like to push strollers?  These two were falling over themselves to take turns pushing the baby doll stroller at Toys R' Us.  So adorable!


Playing with cousin Sarah and refusing to crack a smile for the camera.

2 comments on “Fun with Family”

  1. OOooh, I'm so sorry to hear you have migraines too. That's why I don't drink (very much) - even half a beer can give me a whopping headache.

    For some reason butterscotch schnapps doesn't affect me that way. Lucky I guess.

    Are you taking Maxalt or Imitrex?

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