You Could Be the Next Winner!

August 30, 2009

Have you ever wondered who wins those contests you see on candy bars, pop cans, boxes of crackers, or chip bags? They're everywhere aren't they? Look under the cap you could be an instant winner! Collect all 4 and you could be the next millionaire! Enter for a chance to win cash and prizes!
In a world where it seems we are all separated by far less than the obligatory 6 degrees, why is it no one has a friend of a friend, or an uncles co-worker, or anyone really that has ever won a single thing from these contests?
I'm calling shenanigans.
I've decided that a free small fry or a complimentary 20oz soft drink is not cutting it for winners. I want to talk to the person who actually won the 62" flat screen home theater system, or the brand new 2009 latest and greatest automobile, or the $10,000 shopping spree to Target.
Every day you can find me at some store, somewhere... EVERY day and I don't see anyone paying for their merchandise with their solid gold gift card that they got from filling out the survey at the end of their receipt.

"Yeah, I won the Pepsi challenge can you believe it?"

"I just entered the code at the website and BAM! I won!"

These are phrases I have never heard.
Perhaps I'm just bitter. Having succumbed over the years to purchasing innumerable products in the hopes of wining said advertised contests, I have not moved beyond the complimentary small fry. I have however moved beyond my lifetime allowance of fast food, candy bars, and pop.
I guess what I really want is to hear from someone who has actually cashed in on one of these contests. Let me know that the dream can be a reality. That someday I could be in line at a department store with a cart full of free goodies all thanks to a well timed Kit Kat bar.  Oh that life were so kind...

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