Miles Turns 3 and other Breaking News

September 23, 2009


Well, I officially am the mother of a 3-year-old.  I can hardly believe how fast time is flying by.  I panic when I think about it too long.  Miles' birthday party went off pretty well, as usual I felt scattered throughout the entire party and then stressed for a while after it was over about what I could have/should have done better, who I didn't get to talk to, how I forgot to pass out the kids party prizes (and subsequently had to drop them off at their houses the next day:)  Que sera!


Unfortunately most of the pictures turned out dismal, probably because I didn't take them (a fact I won't repeat in the future), and therefore it is difficult for me to share many of them because they don't convey Miles' excitement and happiness which is what you really want to see right?


Here he is channeling Mick Jagger (note the obligatory hand on the hip whilst grasping the mic!)  Thank you Susan for the mic and guitar, he loved it!

                                                        Now it's a group effort..

Two days later Mile's got to have birthday party round two with his bff Simone.  Which means the dynamic duo of Desmond and Thayer were brought together to wreak havoc and cause mischief.  Capturing them on film could win me some money some day (Have you seen the garbage that wins money on Americas funniest videos?? I think I could beat their "winners" any day of the week filming myself performing a sock puppet show) and I pledge here and now to not be as unprepared in the future as I was that day.  But I did manage to capture some great shots of the kids playing in still life and something about a frozen moment in can be so much more magical than a movie depending on the eye of the viewer.


                                                                    Cute little buddies!

Thayer coming at me to see the camera!

So the kids had a blast together and it was a beautiful fall day but the week was far from over as we had a wedding in Pittsburgh to attend.  It was a great trip!  A very rare road trip with both my brothers and my mom (Matt was there too of course).  I haven't laughed that much in a while and it made me miss my brothers.  I often wonder what life would have been like if they had never moved away...

To my dear sweet baby Miles:  I love you so much I wish I could freeze every day with you and have them all repeat forever and yet I love watching you grow into such a happy, polite and hilarious little boy.  So maybe don't freeze, simply slow down a little:)

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