Again at the Orchard

October 14, 2009

You can't live in Michigan and not visit an Apple Orchard at least once, if not multiple times, in the Fall.  It's beautiful out with the colors changing, the weather is mild and allows you to let the kids run free just a little more before going outside means putting ones little bambinos in 72 layers of down that they can't really move in without falling over every two inches like they're doing the 'trust fall' at summer camp.
I actually love that part, it's the 45 minute outerwear dressing time before actually getting out the door that kind of  works the patience.  Anyway, Matt's Aunt Linda and Uncle Brian were visiting from Arizona, land of sand and heat, and lo and behold it was their first visit to Michigan so you know what that means.
I wish I could say it was beautiful out but unfortunately, despite the forecast calling for a balmy 60 degrees, it turned out to be more like 40.  To someone from AZ that might as well be -40:)  We still managed to have fun and in defense of the forecast I think it hit 60 about 4:00 pm for a few minutes when the Sun found it's way out from behind the blanket of gray clouds.

Matt's Mom and her half-sister Linda

Desmond gave up on walking, he just wanted to eat his apple:)

Miles, on the other hand, is much more interested in picking them than he is in eating them.

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