Lots of Pretty Pictures

October 28, 2009

Seems there is no end in sight to the pretty autumn pictures I keep capturing of the boys.  I think I can thank my Canon for that as well as mother nature:)  But first let me share this indoor shot of my little men.

Last week Miles decided he couldn't possibly eat unless he had his microphone next to him so he could sing while he dined on lovely pasta:)  I was happy to oblige him and am now convinced that he is on the road to music greatness.  I'm hoping more for a composer than a rock star.  Celebrities have too many issues 😛

A day at the pumpkin patch.  Not to be confused with the apple orchard we seem to so frequently visit:)

My sweet little man.  I told him to pick up that big one and bring it to momma and of course he actually tried to:)
Baby Miles
Walking through the pumpkin patch.
Babies Sarah, Desmond and Miles. Cousins love to play together and eat together too:)

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