Trick or Treat

November 4, 2009

There was a little cloud of sadness over me Saturday as I walked my two sons house to house continuing the time honored tradition of trick or treating.  They had a great time, Desmond riding in the stroller for much of the trip and Miles walking away from every house stating "My bags not full yet momma, it's not full."  The cuteness of these statements did nothing to keep me from seeing my own life flash before my eyes as my 3 year old walked up the steps to a house I once had slumber parties at.

You see, we went to the neighborhood I trick or treated in as a child.  I loved that I could do that but at the same time felt a little grief stricken as I realized how quickly the time had gone by since then.  I don't feel like it was that long ago that I stayed the night at the Robb's or walked to the Erskine's from my best friend Nikki's house.  I don't feel like it was that long ago that Miles was too little to trick or treat for that matter.

But alas, those days are behind me.  And happily there are still a few parents living in those beloved houses, proof that those days really did exist even though they may seem like a far away dream now.

Buzz and Woody

Here he is telling me his bag isn't full.  Of course he didn't realize Matt was periodically dumping his goods into Desmond's bag so that it wouldn't be too heavy to carry.

Daddy flying Buzz to the next house:)

Despite my mood swings 😉 it was a great Halloween.  Now, what to do with all this candy?

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