First Ya Gotta Do the Truffle Shuffle

January 5, 2013

Everyday I'm Trufflin

This is what I'm going to start asking people to do before I consent to talking politics, global warming, terrorism, economics, sports, celebrity get the picture.  You wanna talk gun control?  No problem my friend, but first ya gotta do the truffle shuffle.  Kim and Kanye having a baby?  Can't say nuthin bout it til you show me the truffle shuffle.

I have this feeling that we could put an end to a lot of pointless and enraging conversations if we take this simple step first.  I could also put a lot of pressure on myself to lose a bit of weight given I look more like Chunk at this point in my life than I had planned on.

For me it's really more like I smell bacon but you get the point.

In recent weeks, in large part due to my election year hangover, I have felt the need to simplify my life.  Don't confuse this new found need for a bit more zen to mean that I am giving up my snappy, strong-willed personality traits that I'm sure all who know me love about me.  Rather I've rededicated myself to doing things that only bring me joy or good juju.  Watching Doctor Who, re-reading books I love like Wool (one of the best series I've read in a long time, this series is craaazayyy good!) endlessly dissecting the possible plot lines of new Star Wars films and praying to God they decide to do the Hutt Gambit as the next series. How cool would that be?  (If you again find yourself befuddled by my book references I'm talking about some of the best Star Wars books ever written and you can find these lovely gems here, you're welcome.

Milton Bradley

Another joy inducing activity I've been resurrecting as of late is playing board games.  Having every gaming system imaginable available to play in this house certainly makes gathering people around a board an uphill task but there is nothing quite as entertaining, nor any memory nearly as happy as that of playing games with my family.  Some of my fondest memories of childhood are Scrabble battles with my mother, (who remains undefeated and is one of the most ruthless game players ever as she takes mercy on no one, including 3-year-olds trying to grapple with Candy Land.) I  have been hardcore on eBay searching for classics.  Has anyone else noticed board games are far more cheaply made than they once were? (Chutes and Ladders and Battleship I'm talking to you)  Milton Bradley would not be pleased.

Totally random fact about Milton Bradley can be found here.

In keeping with the gleaming theme of joy and happiness, I have stopped watching the news.  This may actually be the only way for a modern day human to live a truly happy, blissfully ignorant life.  There is rarely a day filled with feel good news stories, the masses feed off the energy drama creates.  It's almost impossible to finish this paragraph without starting to slide down the negative path, just thinking about the news and all that has transpired over the last year, the events that have dominated the news, my BP is rising so I'm just going to leave it at I stopped watching the news.  It's not a forever thing, just a much needed sabbatical.

I don't really have time to watch that stuff anyway, I'm too busy saving the Goondocks and being stooopid excited about geeky things like Defiance, the Oswin Oswald connection on Doctor Who. some seriously amazing looking sci-fi flicks coming out this year including Ender's Game, Elysium, Gravity (whose title immediately put this song in my head) and many more.  Also I avoid all Meg Ryan movies since they just make me sad about her lip choices.

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