My Next House is Going To Be a Hobbit Hole

January 8, 2013

Did you know that there are actually people who live in real Hobbit holes?  Surprisingly they aren't all living in a Tolkien inspired fantasy world of second breakfast and random trips to visit the Elves. Their motives are actually very green and focused on sustainable living.  And miraculous feats of architecture have been achieved!

And to think I live in one of these on a MUCH smaller scale:( Little Boxes...

There is an entire movement going on in the world called Organic Architecture, think Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water times ten, in which nature is incorporated into the design not pushed aside for the sake of it (see image right.)

We really have gotten so far away from that haven't we?  The majority of us live in little boxes set in rows on land that was napalmed into dust in order for us to build on something super flat.  We then spend thousands trying to regrow the nature that was destroyed. Silly humans.

Simon Dale, a not so silly human, has done some very amazing and inspiring stuff with little more than a chainsaw, hammer and chisel. Click on his name and visit his website, you will not be disappointed! He, along with his wife and two children, have managed to incorporate the best of both worlds.

The Dale family (images courtesy of The Blaze and

Comfort, style, cool air in the summer, warm air in the winter etc...all provided from a little manipulation of ones surroundings.  Magical things always seem to happen in England don't they?  Here are some shots of their Hobbit house.

An inside shot of Dale's abode
wider shot
So cozy!  Taters and crispy bacon by the fire anyone? 

Simon is not alone, there is a growing movement out there in the wide world centered around incorporating nature into our living spaces.  We humans have lived in nature since we were created and back to the dirt we must go if we are to truly become symbiotic with our environments! It flat out is proven to make us happier. For real life reference stick a child in a garden or sandbox, watch and learn. Read this explanation of Ecopsychology, and if your curiosity is still unsatisfied check out this article from 09' concerning nature being essential to human health.

When we want to 'get away' or 'recharge our batteries' we head for a vacation that usually involves the outdoors.  Beaches, lakes, rivers, oceans, camping, mountains, state parks, national parks, we are at our best when we are connected with nature.  There is a reason when we reach the later years of our lives we follow the Sun, it heals us and makes us feel alive and healthy.

Your new bed? (Photo by Arthur Klimov)

Yet we aren't quite ready to all abandon our couches and flushing potties for a pile of hay and wiping with leaves just yet.

Everyday we are making little efforts, using bamboo or cork flooring is gaining popularity, recycled glass countertops, reclaimed wood for cabinets and islands, all good things but I must admit, Simon Dale has captured what my little geek heart has always dreamed of.

"In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit."

If you could live in anything other than your current abode what would you like?  Hogwarts? RV? Sailboat? Magic Treehouse?  Sky's the limit so pick something fun and leave a comment about your new home:)

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