November 19, 2013

Milestones have been around since ancient Rome. They were actual stones

Ancient Milestone

placed along the road to both reassure travelers that they were still on the right road and to show how far they had come, or how far they had left to go.

Humans count birthdays as a living milestone, each culture revering a different age for different reasons. I'm of the opinion every single birthday is a milestone and today is my 35th.

Rock. The. House. Y'all.

I have never been one to freak out about aging, after all, each birthday is a gift isn't it?  Whatever age one is turning it seems a shame to complain if you stop to think of the countless people who would probably have happily reached that age had they been given the chance.

But this year is the first time I have felt a bit melancholy about the passage of time. I am no longer my own point of reference for age.  I have children and they have made the passage of time much more ‘real’ to me than it ever was when it was just me I was keeping track of.

A milestone, a point along the miles traveled in life in which a marker has been laid.  A stone placed in observance of a distance achieved.

5-years-old was a milestone for me. Though not far along the path of life I remember that year with some kind of warmth and happiness that I can’t describe. I was all pigtails, overalls, hugs and kisses. If I could wish a certain kind of happiness for every child it would be the happiness of my 5thyear on Earth.

17. That was the year my father died.  I hate that it’s a milestone but if we're talking markers in the road of life that one is a building.  That was the year that the person I could or would have been died and an alternate version sprung up. Yep, 17 was a major milestone, a mark in the road from which I measure everything that occurred since.

27. Oh 27 if I could have made you last forever! I was young, thin, had just finished my Master's degree and was about to get married. Oh, and I had my first baby-my sweet little quirky mad scientist Miles. 27 deserves a marker for sure:)

Now I sit at the dawn of my 35th year.  I type this bleary eyed waiting for my coffee to brew to give me a dash of ambition and a smidgen of clarity for the day.  No wild parties planned.  Didn't celebrate the whole 'birthday week' or 'birthday month.' Those days are gone.  I didn't even sleep in.  2 very excited boys bounced on my head at 6:15 in the morning because they could not contain themselves at the excitement of my birthday.  That's contagious:)

Milestones just happen.  I could be embarking on one right now and not know it and I love that about life!  35, like every other year, will be great because I make it great and THAT is the true key to happiness.

You're welcome.

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